Welcome to Foundation for World Peace Site!

A Non-Profit and Non-Political Foundation  with  Offices in West Coast of Africa.  Duly Registered withCorporate Affairs Commission Regd.No: CAC/IT/NO 66363. Date: 27th Day of December 2013.

 Anambra State (Ministry of Information and culture) Regd.No:MOICT/AC/002- Date: 31st Day of March 2014.


  1. To foster unity, peace and harmony among and between members and the public.
  2. To instill in individual a sense of infinite pride and self confidence in themselves and by extension to the larger society.
  3. To assist in enhancement of peace education In Schools, Colleges, Universities, industries and places of workshop and constant gathering for the purpose of using the knowledge of humanitarian service.
  4. To promote international friendship knowledge in youth by organizing leadership training courses, seminars, conferences and workshops.
  5. To reach out to corporate bodies , churches, NGOs, schools, societies and other well meaning bodies with the purpose of assisting the government in realizing peace.
  6. To collaborate with international nongovernmental organizations on matters relating to peace, first aid, health, youth education, youth development, civic and also poverty alleviation.